Excerpt 1

“It was a trap!” Deanic said. “Rubin lured us into the capital, only to trap us inside its walls. He played us for fools.” Deanic began making his way to Wayland’s house. Bask grabbed Deanic’s arm and  turned him around.
“You mean the entire army that you, Wayland, and the other Remakers led was defeated?!” Bask asked. “How could that happen?” Deanic broke Bask’s grip and shoved him to the side.
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Excerpt 2

Bringer burned more than ever now. At this rate, there wouldn’t be a single building left intact by morning. Hugo looked around; the oak tree was the only thing not set on fire. He saw the dead bodies of his comrades as well as those of the townspeople—people he’d seen  every day when he and Bryan had gone to the tree to relax. All the houses burned, and in the distance, Hugo could hear screaming. There were still townspeople he couldn’t save. That made him angry. Here was Hugo, the “hero” of Bringer, and he was helpless. Just what kind of “hero” am I? But—I can still fight. As long as I’m standing, I’ll fight!
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Excerpt 3

“We can’t reach them from here!” Cody said as he peered out from behind cover to hear a Techan soldier give out orders. “You three go and flank them!” said one of the Techan soldiers. As the soldiers started making their way toward the group, a huge figure with glowing green eyes emerged out of a cargo compartment. “The golem is—?!” Before the soldier could finish, Forge grabbed him and another Techan soldier. In one fluid motion, Forge slammed the first soldier against a metal wall and the other against the floor, making a huge dent. The remaining soldier opened fire on Forge, but his bullets bounced off. Forge grabbed the soldier’s rifle, breaking it with his bare hands.

The other Techan soldiers continued firing. The Techan officer in command wondered where the other three soldiers were. Then, he saw one of the three go flying over him, and watched as the soldier slammed headfirst into a bulkhead.
“The golem’s free?!”